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This is a website where we celebrate that most misunderstood of humans, the Entrepreneur. Here, we recognize that nothing happens until someone takes a chance, that to live by your wits is the highest of callings and that the world at large does not understand us.

We recognize the sort of person you are. You have decided to trade a steady paycheck and security for the chance at wealth, the opportunity to construct your own destiny and the thrill of putting yourselves out in the marketplace. The world does not appreciate you, but here, we do.

Entrepreneurs are Politically Incorrect. In a world where you are encouraged to  get along, where you are encouraged to dwell on the past, a world that embraces mediocrity, you alone dare to be unreasonable and strive, dare to create, dare to innovate.

Come in, pull up a chair and sit for a while. You are welcome here. 


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Who’s Hugh Hollowell?

Hugh Hollowell is a bookseller, entrepreneur, publisher, eBay and blogging consultant and occasional freelance writer based in Memphis, Tennessee.

He maintains an ever-changing number of blogs and websites, primarily in the entrepreneurial, self help, and bookselling fields.

If you are a glutton for punishment, Hugh once posted to one of his blogs a list of about 90 things you probably did not know about Hugh.


How To Fit GoPro 2 Camera In a ELEV-8 Quadcopter

The ELEV-8 quadcopter is definitely an economical approach to get involved within the quadcopter arena.

Is GoPro Camera Ideal For Aerial Photography?

The most typical scenario entails the mounting of a light weight camera to the underbelly of a quadcopter for capturing aerial videography. Though it does not have a camera constructed into it the Phantom was made to hold a GoPro camera in its payload.

Those employed to other RC aircraft will note the Phantom 2 requires only standard assembly using a screw driver and supplied wrench.

The Phantom 2 Vision has two GPs-assisted flight modes for you personally to choose from. The Phantom 2 attributes a rotor design that is new for this model.

The top method to get into aerial imaging is to purchase an off-the-shelf quadcopter that will carry a camera.

To decrease any chance of data getting lost on the micro SD card, do not insert or take away the card in the camera till the battery is unplugged from the quadcopter. Shop direct with us and save on a variety of items, which includes quadcopter with camera.

Inside the previous Vision model, the camera was attached to motors that you just could activate to til the camera up and down, but you nevertheless had to keep the quadcopter relatively steady or still for video that did not look shaky.

That’s the top method to get smooth camera tilts while flying, otherwise I was holding the quadcopter inside a hover position each and every time I wanted to tilt the camera by tapping the screen. Let me know for those who have any queries in regards to the Phantom 2 Vision+ and I’ll do my very best to answer them inside the comments. There are various quadcopter with camera, but you have to choose the proper a single that can suit your specifications.

The new DJI Phantom 2 Vision plus is definitely an incredible showcase of technology. The massive issue that they do not inform you about this product is the new frequencies that everything runs on. RC stuff has been using 2.four ghz for ages now. The camera is controlled by means of 2.four GHz Wi-Fi making use of an app available for iOS and Android devices.


So, I had to find a approach to mount my camera to minimize the jello effect vibrations in my GoPro 2 videos. Visit our Blog to read for more information on Best Quadcopter mounting.